How can new technology improve the productivity of your microsphere formulation process?

Remy Wattiaux, Managing Director of Powder Systems Limited (PSL):

v4V2MjdWRémy Wattiaux is the Managing Director of PSL, a worldwide manufacturer of advanced process equipment. He has a master’s degree in Medicine and a master’s degree in Engineering and Project Management. Rémy has years of expertise including R&D in medicine and Project Management in Aeronautics. Over the last 6 years, he has completed various projects around the world in the fields of high potent, complex powder handling and sterile manufacturing and established new business units in France, India and Australia. Rémy has been heavily involved in 15 microsphere formulation projects from R&D feasibility studies to production scale.

15 years ago, PSL developed the first sterile filtration unit for microsphere formulation with a leading process development organisation in the US and since then their process experts have designed and installed over 20 projects all around the world.

What does the term Microsphere mean in the Pharma Industry?

The IUPAC definition for microspheres is:
Microparticle of spherical shape without membrane or any distinct outer layer.

Note: The absence of outer layer forming a distinct phase is important to distinguish microspheres from microcapsules because it leads to first-order diffusion phenomena, whereas diffusion is zero order in the case of microcapsules.
Microspheres vary widely in quality, sphericity, uniformity, particle size and particle size distribution. The appropriate microsphere needs to be chosen for each unique application.

How can new technology improve the productivity of your microsphere formulation process?

PSL is an international manufacturer of filtration, drying and complete containment solutions from small scale production to full process systems. We have been supporting pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical, speciality chemical and laboratory industries since 1989.
Our solutions enable clients to bring new generation drugs into the market place faster, using the latest technology in process equipment.

Our long experience in sterile production has led us to develop unique filtration solutions for microsphere formulation. We are now offering a full range of solutions to resolve any process difficulties when filtering, washing, classifying and drying micro-particles. Our technology allows easy and straightforward harvesting of the microspheres while maintaining sterility.
We are proud to have developed a unique technology that no other process equipment manufacturer is able to supply globally. Our service team has been recognized for the quality of their work and fast response to help with installation and qualification of new equipment, but also maintenance and re-validation of any existing installations.

Are you currently facing challenges with microsphere drugs formulation process or planning to start manufacturing such products?

The webinar will review the different manufacturing processes and new technologies recently developed for microsphere formulation from the upstream stage of the microsphere creation (emulsification, droplet formation…) to the downstream operations of harvesting the microspheres in a sterile manner with control size distribution.

This Case Study will give a practical insight to the product and process. The webinar will then be concluded by an interactive Q&A session where attendees will have the opportunity to receive advice on their current process challenges.

Our achievements – Powder Systems recognised with two manufacturing awards:
WINNER of Best Manufacturing Business
Award winning business for Asian Manufacturing

To read about our new technologies: Microsphere Formulation with the Sterile Microsphere Refiner from PSL click here

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PSL will be celebrating 25 years of business in 2014 and as part of our continuous expansion we will be opening our 6th overseas office. The new office will be based in Perth, Australia to better serve our South East Asia customer base. We are also establishing a growing distribution network to provide a more efficient service to local markets such as South American and European countries.

PSL is a renowned manufacturer of high quality containment and filter dryers starting 25 years ago as a pioneer in this field. Today the company offers many other solutions and technologies, our full product range not always being known to customers. Since establishing the business PSL have manufactured and installed over 1,200 installations around the world, our work in sterile filtration applications is unfortunately not always recognized. We are now innovating with small scale sterile microsphere filtration solutions, unique in the industry, and we aim to spread the word more actively in 2014!

Powder Systems Limited’s webinar entitled ‘A refined solution for microsphere formulation’ will take place on 13th February at 3pm London/10am New York. Register for the webinar here.

In addition PSL believe that working with Business Review Webinars is the best way to approach the right people and share our knowledge in an effective manner. The webinar format supplied by Business Review allows drug manufacturers around the world to come together and gain an understanding for their process and freely ask questions they have difficulties to getting answers to.

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