How can companies tackle clinical label inspection challenges?

Find out more in PRISYM ID’s free webinar on Tuesday, October 13

by Chris Lentz, VP SaaS Product Management, at PRISYM ID, a leading provider of regulated content and label management solutions

Mitigating the risk of errors during clinical label production is critical for ensuring regulatory compliance and patient safety; yet a recent survey conducted by PRISYM ID suggests that it poses a challenge for many companies.

The survey, which included respondents ranging from pharma companies to medical device manufacturers, found that a fifth of them experienced quality control issues with clinical label printing on a monthly basis.

Six percent of respondents suffered these problems as often as once a week and 18 percent once a quarter. Interestingly, the majority of respondents (69 percent) blamed mistakes on human error, while 29 percent cited printer failures.

To help companies better understand requirements for the inspection of printed labels and how to ensure they accurately reflect what was sent to the printer, PRISYM ID will host a free webinar on the theme of visual inspection on Tuesday, October 13.

Although label inspection is mandatory for both clinical trials and medical device industries, it is down to individual companies to decide how they do it. As our survey worryingly suggests, many companies are still relying on manual inspection.

It is not surprising that manual inspection regimes are often blamed for errors since the human eye cannot easily recognise misprinted content and cannot quality check barcodes; missing these things could necessitate the recall of a whole batch of products.

Given the legal, safety and reputational implications of errors or omissions occurring on production labels, we believe that automated inspection is essential. There are a variety of systems on the market and we will help our audience to understand what they should be looking for in a solution and describing some of the best practices that can be adopted to reduce errors.

Find out more in our information packed webinar on Tuesday 13th October at 9am EST/2pm GMT/3pm CET onLabeling ScrutinizedThe Importance of Inspection’ to better understand how to improve the quality of labels, avoid risk of recalls, ensure auditability, protect reputation and increase patient safety.

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