Going Paperless in the Energy & Engineering Sector – mission impossible?

There’s an old saying – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

It’s an analogy which sits perfectly with those who have yet to submerse themselves into the world of business process management. Traditional methods of approaching internal business processes involving paperwork still exist, yet there are quickertransparent and more streamlined solutions available.

A Shift In Focus

A recent shift in focus and drive for the latest disruptive technologies highlights the importance of adopting a Digital Transformation strategy within the energy & engineering sector, which is still behind the curve compared to other industries. With this huge structural shift, the industry must adopt in their future business model, and as a result we can expect some disruptions:

  • Growth disruption:

With an increase in oil price realizations, growth and margins will return in 2018 and beyond

  • Talent disruption:

Substantial talent departure from the industry – means a challenge to fill the knowledge gap and future workers must have a ‘digital skill set’

  • Company disruption:

Increased M&A activity and growing consolidation giving rise to new business models

  • Capital disruption:

A significant rise in capital expenditure for alternative energy
Digital Transformation in Action

There are a multitude of different interpretations and definitions around Digital Transformation, but for us, it’s about providing the digital capabilities for oil & gas companies to improve their processes, products, and resources, which in turn will result in greater efficiency, enhanced customer value, managed risk and new monetary opportunities

One organization who decided to transform their daily workload is Essar Oil, a large oil & gas provider – as paper documentation had become problematic.

With such a large site, logistical problems surrounding paperwork were common. Employees were forced to meet face-to-face to receive sign off on relevant documents in a specific process, meaning forms were being printed and signatures were required. As it is often with such vast amounts of paper-documents, some forms were lost in transport, further slowing down the process.

Do you find Robert’s struggle all too familiar?

To help you take the first steps of your Digital Transformation journey, we invite you to our live webinar Tuesday, September 25th at 3 pm (GMT+1), where you will hear how Robert’s team is digitizing their internal business processes at Essar Oil. The results have seen benefits, impact and a rate of adoption that far exceeded expectations.

Processes include:

  • new employee arrival
  • health referral
  • safety equipment request
  • waste transfer

Solution benefits:

  • processes completed at least 5 times faster, saving time for on-site employees
  • central data repository enables better reporting and continuous improvement
  • digitizing paperwork supports digital transformation, allowing for full transparency and visibility
  • audit trails enable better governance

Our product expert, Shay O’Connor, will also demonstrate how FlowForma Process Automation for Microsoft Office 365 can boost your Digital Transformation journey, by helping you automate processes such as Permission to Dig, Safety Observation Report, Incident Management and many more.

Register for the webinar entitled ‘Refining On-Site Processes with no code Process Automation‘ on 25th September at ‘3PM London/10AM New York’

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