Evolving The Bank Branch

With today’s retail banking environment in a constant state of change, it’s hard to know how to position your branch. Whether due to the rise of mobile banking, declining branch transactions, shifting consumer needs or all of the above — the future of the branch is anyone’s guess.

Ready or not, the bank branch must evolve to survive.

Evolution begins when external pressures demand a change. These pressures led us to design the transformative CM18 Evo. The CM18 Evo is the only cash recycler that can be used by both tellers and customers. It’s at the center of a scalable strategy we call branch evolution.

Front view of a teller cash recycler (TCR) machineARCA CM18 Evo

Financial institutions are planning for a future they can barely comprehend today.  Like countless industries before it, banks are being forced to adapt to technological advances. In a rapidly changing landscape, their survival depends on it. They’re responding to this relentless pressure with innovative concepts like alternative branch designs that offer a different customer experience.

But even when technology drives change, it doesn’t have to dictate strategy. Technology is a significant investment and usually requires a long-term plan based on something that could be obsolete before you even start to see the ROI.

Evolution is gradual

Evolution doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process, the gradual development from a simple to a more complex and improved form.

An evolutionary approach uses cash recycling technology that can be adapted to various branch environments. For example, many cash recyclers can transition from behind-the-teller line placement to a customer-facing assisted self-service layout. Others can be moved to an under-the-desk position in the lobby, which is perfect for a Universal Banker scenario. Both options give immediate operational benefits without mortgaging the future health of your branch network.

The CM18 Evo integrates seamlessly into any modern cash teller environment. It counts, dispenses and deposits large volumes of banknotes simply and efficiently with increased security and accountability at the teller position.

A shifting bank strategy requires technology that can evolve with you. The CM18 Evo dynamically alters the perception of a traditional cash recycler. Its customer-friendly interface and advanced security features, allow it to transition from behind the teller line to an assisted self-service branch model. This unprecedented flexibility gives you the freedom to adjust your branch strategy swiftly in a dynamic retail banking landscape.

Join ARCA on 14th December for their webinar entitled 3 Steps to Make Your Branch Transformation Easier for more information on the evolution of the bank branch.

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