Webinar: Designing with HP SmartStream Designer

Sponsored by: HP Indigo

Focused on:

  • Designing
  • Packaging
  • Branding
  • Digital Print

Date: 20 April

Days to go: 23

Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Creative Software for Brands

In today’s millennial consumer market brands are facing a challenge. The fundementals of branding as we knew it are changing.

This requires a new way of thinking about packaging and advertising. Digital print is a perfect tool to solve this conflict, and using the right software can unleash creativity to create a whole new branding method and support the new challenges.

In this webinar we will go through the various possibilities HP SmartStream and HP Indigo digital printing offer, study some campaigns which have been based on these abilities and explore creative from a new perspective.

Come learn new and exciting tools to design with, expand your visions and offer your customers the best practice in today’s world of packaging.

HP SmartStream Designer is a simple and powerful variable data printing (VDP) tool enabling HP Indigo digital press owners to provide sophisticated high-value jobs and personalized campaigns. More than 2000 HP Indigo customers are using HP SmartStream Designer to harness the HP Indigo digital advantage for their business.

A software plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® or Adobe InDesign®, HP SmartStream Designer makes it possible to personalize any job with images, text, and designs for maximum impact. It has an easy-to-use interface and can be easily integrated with over a dozen third-party dynamic image applications.

This introduction will take you through the options opening to you as a designer or marketing lead and allow you to offer your customer an innovative way to stand out.

Presented by

Hadar Peled Vaissman,

Creative Manager

Hadar leads the in-house creative at HP Indigo Division.

She works with designers and pre-press experts who design and develop campaigns specifically for HP Indigo customers, leveraging the unique capabilities of the Indigo LEP technology to the benefit of millennial marketing.

Exchanging design concepts and application ideas with print providers all over the world, Hadar is at the forefront of application development for digital print. Among her creations is the HP SmartStream Mosaic variable design software, which is the graphic engine behind many brand campaigns such as Coca Cola Extraordinary, OREO holiday campaign and Budweiser Street Party Campaign.

Prior to joining HP Indigo, Hadar served as creative and production manager for leading high-tech companies such as Comverse and Telmap. Before that she owned an independent graphic arts business.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the challenge and solution
  • Explore creative options
  • Get acquainted with HP SmartStream designer


  • Head / Manager of Packaging
  • Head / Manager of Advertising
  • Head / Manager of Marketing
  • Head / Manager of Operations
  • Heads of Research & Development
  • Product Management
  • Director of Innovation