Cracking the Enterprise Opportunity in Africa and the Middle East

Sponsored by: Pyramid Research

Focused on:

    Date: 22 October


    Time: 10AM London/1PM UAE/12PM KSA/11AM South Africa/5PM Shenzhen

    How telcos can build successful enterprise service strategies

    The Enterprise telecoms and IT market is gaining traction in Africa and the Middle East (AME) given the opportunity it presents. However sometimes it is hard for telcos to see where the opportunity exactly is and how to unlock it.

    This webinar will explore the strategies telecoms operators can harness to monetize and maximize the enterprise segment opportunity in AME. It will assess the magnitude of the enterprise market as well as growth segments and services. Within this context, enterprise segments include corporate, large enterprises, SMEs and micro enterprises. Services offered to enterprises comprise traditional mobile and fixed, data networks connectivity, IoT/M2M, data centres and cloud as well as managed services.
    The webinar will examine the approaches taken by leading regional operators to address the enterprise market, analyse the components of their technological approaches, partnerships, business models, and go-to-market strategies and highlight key success factors.
    Then we will take a broader look and outline key best practices from international operators that can be useful to the region.

    Pyramid Research’s webinar ‘Cracking the Enterprise Opportunity in Africa and the Middle East’ will offer valuable insights into the enterprise telecoms and IT market in AME and discuss best practices and successful strategies telcos can adopt to pursue and maximize growth in the enterprise market.

    Presented by

    Houda Bostanji,

    Senior Analyst – Africa and the Middle East

    Houda leads the AME mobile, fixed and devices forecasts and is responsible for custom market sizing forecasts covering telecoms and ICT in the region. She has led and contributed to different research engagements assisting operators and equipment vendors in identifying and pursuing growth opportunities in the enterprise and wholesale markets and developing strategies for new product initiatives.

    Key Learning Objectives

    • Understand the enterprise segment opportunity in Africa and the Middle East.
    • Identify enterprise growth segments and services.
    • Explore regional and international operators’ approaches to tap the enterprise opportunity.
    • Create successful strategies to monetize the enterprise segment in AME and maximize the opportunity.


    • Heads of Strategy
    • Strategy Directors
    • Heads of Enterprise
    • Enterprise Managers
    • Heads of M2M
    • M2M Managers
    • Heads of Cloud and Data Centres
    • Cloud and Datacentres Managers
    • Heads of Network Connectivity
    • Network Connectivity Managers
    • Business Intelligence Managers
    • Marketing Managers
    • CEO
    • CFO
    • COO
    • Enterprise Telecoms and ICT Specialists
    • Telecoms and ICT Vendors