Active Revenue Assurance - 3PM London

Sponsored by: SIGOS

Focused on:

  • Leakage
  • Overcharging
  • Rating
  • Metering
  • C D R

Date: 28 October


Time: 3PM London/11AM New York

How to Externally Validate Your Billing Process

This webinar will be presented live twice at:
- 9AM London/10AM Paris
- 3PM London/11AM New York
Please register for the most suitable time.

Are you losing money due to revenue leakage?
Are you overbilling your customers and at risk of damaging your brand?
Are you at risk from fines by the Telecoms Regulator?
Are your roaming partners undercharging and overcharging you for your subscribers roaming?

The answer to all 4 questions IS “yes”. The real question is “How do you measure, manage and minimise these risks?”

Active Revenue Assurance using external test events is the only way to fully measure, manage and minimise these risks. This presentation will explain how Active Revenue Assurance works and why an operator must have this capability. We will look at the blind spots of Passive Revenue Assurance which many operators solely rely on to manage these risks. A typical business case will demonstrate how the cost of a fully managed Active Revenue Assurance service is much less than the cost of your current leakage. We will finish with some real examples of issues we have identified. Issues which the operators other processes had not managed to detect.

We have a simple and effective way of backing up our claims. We can provide a Proof of Concept where we test two tariffs for one week and identify missing CDRs, metering errors and rating errors. Can you afford not to?

Presented by

Paul Lia,

Business Development Director – Revenue Assurance

Paul trained as an engineer but has spent his working life in Corporate Sales. Financial services, Facilities Management and for the last 13 years mobile telecommunications are the fields where Paul has worked on both a national and international level. Paul has spent many years identifying billing errors in large corporate mobile phone bills and used this experience to move into the Revenue Assurance field where he helps network operators to identify issues in their billing systems. The concept of externally validating a billing system using independent test calls has not yet been adopted by 100% of network operators so there is plenty of work to do.

Steffen Oeftring,

Revenue Assurance Manager

Steffen heads the SIGOS Revenue Assurance business unit and is responsible for the complete RA solution. Previously Steffen headed the SIGOS Professional Services Group and was responsible for all SITE and GlobalRoamer consultancy projects world-wide. He has also worked at SIGOS as a project manager, presales engineer and software test engineer so he has a large variety of experience and a deep knowledge of our solutions.

Prior to SIGOS he worked as a business consultant for Robert-Bosch Gmbh in the area of business modelling, time registration software and the launch of SAP/R3.

Steffen holds a degree in Computer Science & Economics from the University of Bamberg.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What is Active Revenue Assurance
  • How does Active Revenue Assurance differ from Passive Revenue Assurance
  • What is the business case for Active Revenue Assurance
  • Examples of real issues identified by Active Revenue Assurance


  • Revenue Assurance
  • CFO
  • Finance Director
  • Finance Manager
  • Billing Manager
  • Rating Manager
  • Risk Manager