Wind Turbine Lubrication - Addressing Reliability Challenges Through Innovation - 9AM London

Sponsored by: Shell

Focused on:

  • Wind
  • Energy
  • Turbine
  • Lubrication

Date: 18 June


Time: 9AM London/10AM Paris

Next Generation Synthetic Lubricants

This webinar will be presented live twice at:
- 9AM London/10AM Paris
- 3PM London/10AM New York.
Please register for the most suitable time.

The wind energy sector is one of the most dynamic industrial sectors. The requirements for wind turbines are continuously increasing and require specific hardware and maintenance regimes to ensure reliable and safe operations even in tough conditions and remote locations.

Lubricants play a critical role throughout the lifetime of a wind turbine installation. Under today’s diverse operations where severe conditions like cold-climate and off-shore applications including peak loading are the new norm, your turbine equipment is even more challenged. However, the right Lubricant and dedicated lubrication practices can enhance your turbine availability, duration of the hardware and total cost of ownership.

The webinar will introduce the latest trends in the wind turbine industry as well as today’s O&M challenges wind turbine operators are facing. Innovative wind turbine lubricants like Shell Omala S5 Wind 320 synthetic gear box oil or blade bearing grease Shell Gadus S5 V110KP are designed to improve your turbine lifespan and reduce your maintenance costs.

Learn how these synthetic high quality lubricants can help to extend the maintenance intervals, protect your equipment and improve the efficiency of your turbine system.

Presented by

Dr. Felix Guerzoni,

Industrial Lubricants Product Application Specialist

Dr. Felix Guerzoni is an Industrial Lubricants Product Application Specialist with Shell Shanghai Technology Ltd, in Shanghai, China. Key responsibilities in this role are in the provision and coordination of technical support for industrial customers and liaison with key equipment manufacturers in the industry. His major areas of specialization are in lubricants for power generation including wind power gear oils, hydraulic fluids and greases, steam, gas and aeroderivative turbines and transformer oils. Felix has been with Shell for over 19 years.

Hans Gerdes,

Global Brand Manager for Industrial Lubricants

Hans Gerdes is the Global Brand Manager for industrial lubricants with Shell, based in Hamburg, Germany. Key responsibilities in this role are determining future portfolio, commercial responsibility for the existing product slate, provision of central marketing and pricing support on a global scale for e.g. hydraulic, gear, compressor, bearing & circulation oils. He puts an additional focus on innovation in the industrial space around application/novel products or demonstration tools. Hans has been with Shell for 24 years.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the critical role lubricants play under todays tough conditions
  • How ‘New Generation’ wind turbine lubricants help to combat increasing challenges and how they can contribute to your wind turbines extended oil life, equipment protection and system efficiency
  • Discover how having a comprehensive oil condition monitoring programme can deliver value and peace of mind
  • Insights on how Shell facilitates innovation


  • Heads of WT Research and Development
  • Heads of Equipment Research and Development
  • Project & Asset Managers
  • Operation Managers
  • Maintenance Managers and Engineers
  • Procurement Managers
  • Heads/Staff of Service Providers
  • Heads of International/National Bodies