Efficiency made simple - 9AM London

Sponsored by: Hoerbiger

Focused on:

  • Plant
  • Reciprocating
  • Compressors
  • Energy
  • Savings

Date: 10 September


Time: 9AM London/10AM Paris

How you can improve your operation with stepless capacity control for reciprocating compressors

This webinar will be presented live twice at:
- 9AM London/10AM Paris
- 3PM London/4PM Paris
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Many operators in the chemical and petrochemical industry face the challenge of ever increasing energy costs. Not exploiting every single opportunity to save energy can put the profitability of entire plants at risk. On the other hand, knowing where to look can increase an operation’s efficiency significantly. Potential for improvement and savings can be found in processes and almost every piece of equipment – with reciprocating compressors being certainly no exception.

To meet fluctuations in demand, it has become a necessity to be able to control the output of a compressor. Capacity control systems of various working principles allow for compressors to deliver only a specific amount of pressurized gas. However, not all systems can be configured to suit an operator’s needs at any given time. Also, while some systems are able to control the capacity, their nature and working principle actually wastes energy.

In this webinar, you will learn more about the parts of a reciprocating compressor that hold the biggest potential for energy savings. You will learn how a new and simple approach can make it easy for you to achieve actual reductions in energy consumption. Most importantly, you will learn of possibilities to make operation of your compressors as flexible and efficient as it can be.

Register today, let us share our knowledge with you and ask your question directly to the panel. If you want to learn more about efficient machinery operation and process control, join our experts in this webinar!

Presented by

Klaus Stachel,

Global Product Manager Monitoring and Controls

During his time with HOERBIGER, Klaus Stachel acquired a profound knowledge of compressor mechatronics. He started in 1999 as a project engineer and got appointed Global Product Manager for Monitoring and Controls in 2012.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How to increase a plant’s efficiency
  • Where to look for energy savings on reciprocating compressors
  • How new technology impacts energy savings and process control


  • Rotating Equipment Engineers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Efficiency Department
  • Operations
  • Process Engineers